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Process Analysis

The first thing our staff does is review and map out your current patient handling processes to help identify how our technology may or may not integrate with your current patient handling activities.

Staff Review

During our "discovery" phase we interview your staff to gain an understanding of individual needs, unique or personal issues that may impact how our solutions may need to be customized.

Data Handling Analysis

Our staff will review the physical handling of patient data and billing information to determine what needs to be put in place in order to automate certain activities.


Following completion of the discovery process our staff will produce a workflow document for you to review and then prepare a system prototype.


During the prototype testing period our staff will focus on fine tuning and refining the user interfaces and address any data handling issues that may surface or any billing, referral or other matters that have been identified.


During the final stages of deployment we will address any unique custom integration requirements for external devices and secure appropriate API's where applicable.