EHR Your Way!


Every Provider has defined personalized ways they practice medicine and an EHR must conform to their work flow. Your dashboard, chief complaints, problem lists, frequently prescribed Rx & labs will be customized. EHR YOUR WAY uses artificial intelligence which only displays the appropriate actions available for a given patient which makes your job easier.

Implementation is as simple as having either your staff or yourself fill out questionnaires which allows you keep focused on seeing patients. After using the system you'll require configuration changes which will be completed in as little as a few minutes or you can make them yourself.


This is the most used feature in EHR YOUR WAY so we've designed it to be quick with notation in as little as 60 seconds and training only takes about thirty minutes. If we can't create your notes in ONE MINUTE 90% of the time, we'll pay you $500.00. How's that for confidence!

Your Efficiency is our number one priority because the more patients you see on a daily basis, the more income you earn. This mission required years of revisions and the understanding that an efficient EHR solution must include paper questionnaires which shifts a portion of your exam time to the patient.

The questionnaires which may be filled out in the patient's online portal or via paper while in the waiting room and we use the reason for visit or problem list to populate the appropriate questions. These responses trigger the notes to be "automatically" created in the patient chart & ready for review. How easy is that!

Alternate methods of notation include free text, click and select, or dictation. It's completely up to you.


For those less accustomed to technology, we've created paper-based EHR. This allows you to make notes on a chart with a barcode which is then scanned back into the EHR and linked to the patient chart.

Problem lists, chief complaints, Rx and more are will be printed out by your staff.

Earn Up To $2,000 per month MORE by using paper-based EHR in your office. Yes, paper.

Imagine Patients helping cut your exam time by 3-5 minutes by filling out health questionnaires before you see them. The exam templates may be completed in your patient's online portal or on paper in the waiting room.

When an appointment is booked EHR YOUR WAY intelligently displays the appropriate template either based on a reason for visit or problem follow up. The questionnaires use either yes or no responses or numerical values all of which are customized to your practice. Next, your staff scans in the paper documents and our software detects the answers which auto populates their chart for your review. Simple. Easy. Effortless.


Ordering Rx & Labs either yourself or assigning to a staff member is self-explanatory.

We'll customize your most frequently prescribed medicines and labs ordered so that it takes AS LITTLE AS ONE CLICK to complete the task. Refills and future lab orders; we have you covered and all can be concluded in seconds.


Each Provider has different levels of comfort and availability to technology so we've created multiple ways of documenting encounters all fashioned around your workflow. We suggest that you use the most efficient method which often means a blend of approaches.

Click & Select: With one click you can populate notes using predefined templates or with only 3-5 clicks customize the notes. We'll assist you in creating templates or with just minutes of training you may do it yourself.

Free Text: Simply type your notes in the chart whether it be HPI, CC, or the Problem List.

Paper: At first glance it may seem counterintuitive to introduce paper into an electronic environment but consider how we've shaped the product. Having patients answer yes/no or numerical answer questionnaires, either prior to the visit or in the waiting room, engages them in the process.

Questionnaires reduce the amount of minutes required for each encounter and the time saved may be used to see more patients. We'll configure each of the questionnaires or you may create them in about 30 minutes. Every questionnaire has a barcode which is linked to the patient. You simply scan them and our software populates the notes. It's that simple.

NOTE: To qualify for meaningful use some data elements must be entered electronically and paper cannot be used.

Dictation: Dragon is integrated into EHR YOUR WAY or easily create audio files which may be transcribed either internally or externally.


Management of paperwork is a prerequisite and having the right system designed by users is a must. We've considered all the little things that might not come to mind prior to use but make a night and day difference.

Actions available directly on the document include: signing off, drawing, typing free text, template text insertion and time and date insertion.

EHR YOUR WAY auto imports faxes directly into your EHR. Frequently you'll receive documents that are upside down or multiple patients in one fax.

We have you covered with rotation and splitting documents which then may be indexed separately. EHR YOUR WAY features file merging which is useful when you receive multiple separate faxes that need to be merged into one file.

Indexers (linking to patient chart) will find the ability to add new patients, providers, insurance companies, pharmacies and labs directly from the module useful.

We've eliminated the need to exit the document management module, enter the new contact, and then return for indexing.

When receiving multiple separate documents for the same patient, we've included a button which copies them and then they are intelligently matched to the right provider(s) which saves time.

Documents like an urgent lab may be copied to one or more recipients, or send a text with just one click. How simple is that!

Users may have different access rights or permissions to take actions, view, fax, print, email and delete all of which are captured in an audit history.

Your cloud based documents and patient data are protected using the highest levels of security and HIPAA compliant.

Our dozens of servers have triple redundancy, are located in multiple data centers and we have multiple ISPs. The network design limits the risk of downtime and our 99.99% uptime guarantee curbs practice disturbance.


Automatic Appointment Reminders, Messaging and Demographics

Everything from A to Z all in one simple & intuitive dashboard.

One Unified system drives office productivity and the core component is the scheduling module. Once an appointment is made the system will automatically send email, text and voicemail reminders at a configurable time prior to the appointment which reduces no shows by about 8%.

If an appointment is missed, prescriptions aren't filled or refilled, labs, health maintenance or virtually any element that previously required a human encounter has now been automated with the reminder platform. This allows you to stay focused on seeing patients and generating revenue while reducing expenses.





The system is personalized to your organization whether you are a one doctor office or have multiple providers with many waiting rooms. Yes, it's that simple.


YOU BENEFIT from the aggregate participation of all providers with our billing rules database. On average 96% of claims are accepted the first time and our clients see an average 29% reduction in days in accounts receivable.

We help you receive more revenue by:

*Reducing denials from billing errors or rules exchanges.

*Identifying and responding to payer rule changes.

*Qualify for and receive government incentive payments.

The result: On average, our clients see an 8% increase in collections.


To demonstrate Meaningful Use and to be eligible for stimulus funds of up to $63,750 per provider, you must use an electronic medical record system certified by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC).

Your success is our success so we've embedded the measures right into your workflow and will take on the responsibility of attestation on your behalf.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 commences in 2014 and has additional requirements to qualify. Rules within the software will prompt you when required data must be populated and your performance is actively measured against our provider population.

Our team of Meaningful Use professionals will guide you through any recommended best practices changes which will allow you to focus on seeing patients and being more profitable.

More money. More service. More EHR.


"All of my counselors, who had a wide range of computer experience, were able to be fully functional on EHR YOUR WAY within a week with their fillable PDF's."
Dave M. (Therapist)

"After comparing solutions from competitors, we made the decision to move forward with EHR YOUR WAY because not only of its rich features at a price-point about 50% less than others, but because of the companies dedication to improving the lives of our clients."

Jossye C. (Counselor)

"Our computer savvy therapists can now make notes in minutes where it used to take them 15-20 minutes. We love it!"

Margaret S. (Therapist)

"The automated appointment reminders freed up the staff from making call after call and improved our show rates dramatically. I couldn't live without this feature."

Robert H. (Executive Director)
New York

"I can prescribe Rx with two clicks. It's so simple and easy."

Dr. H. (MD)

"EHR YOUR WAY is a very unique EHR, since it is very simple, easy to operate, very cost effective, has great customer support. The best things that I like with this program are, e-prescriptions, allowing me to send prescriptions to any pharmacy in the nation with one click, ability to send and receive faxes (cutting the cost of paper and cartridges and of course, time), a link with my laboratory which allows me to see results instantly without a need to print results and then scan them, having patients to schedule their own appointments on line and review their test results (cutting the number of phone calls to schedule their visits), a lots and lots more.

I deeply regret that I did not start with this program in 2008 when I first considered EHR and had really difficult time with my previous EHR for 4 years. I am lucky at this point to have an opportunity to use such a unique program. And more so, it is very easy to obtain stimulus money with EHR YOUR WAY since it does all calculations for you. Highly recommend for business success!"

Dr. Nelly C.
New York

"Evincing quality measures via various reports for medical home initiatives along with enhancing efficiencies in various facets of modern clinical practice with ease needs a reliable, customizable, affordable , cloud based, secure platform with robust capabilities as provided by EHR YOUR WAY a CCHIT approved product."

Dr. L. K.

" EHR YOUR WAY is an excellent EHR. It is convenient and easy to use for staff and Physician. EHR YOUR WAY also provides excellent technical support."

Dr. Shenngao H.

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