Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2

Speak your way to a more efficient & profitable practice. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

Medical Vocabularies

Over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies so physicians in any practice can dictate the full extent of every patient encounter with confidence and accuracy.

Speed and Accuracy

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is engineered specifically for the medical community with a highly advanced speech recognition engine. Physicians can speech-enable their practice and create documentation that is more than 99% accurate at speeds 3x faster than typing.

Regional Accent Support

Regional Accent Support

Advanced regional accent support recognizes variations in pronunciation across countries and allows physicians to speak in their own words and dialect to create precise and thorough documentation.

Customizable Voice Macros

Simple voice shortcuts can be created to quickly transcribe frequently used phrases and boilerplate text, or to direct keystroke and mouse click actions like checking email, opening your EHR template, and writing prescriptions.