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Tools4Medicine offers a unique internet-based electronic medical record system that is a community-wide total turnkey service offering currently handling data from multiple hospitals and clinics in Detroit, Michigan.

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The Encompass EMR system supports all aspects of an ambulatory clinic's data handling needs.

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The Encompass System is easily customized to meet our individual clinic needs and unique attributes of your specialty.

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Are you a primary healthcare provider or FQHC looking for an Electronic Medical Record system that is easy to use? Do you want one common interface to make it easy to navigate through patient appointments, patient registration, patient referrals, patient reminders, electronic medical records, patient billing, clearinghouse reports, patient follow up, prescription faxes, photo handling, document handling, diagnosis and treatment plans, report generation, progress notes, reporting and performance measures? Look no further we have the easy to use Encompass EMR, an all-in-one EMR system for you.